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5th-Oct-2009 09:50 pm - OOC: Character Verses
Basically this post is just all the different versions of Tez I write or plan to write and little descriptions of them.

Myth!Tez - Just his general mythology.

Obsidian Fate!Tez - This is his main verse at the moment. It's set during the Buffy book, Obsidian Fate. Which is set somewhere during season 3 of Buffy. Basically he's just trying to make the world dark forever and generally causing chaos in Sunnydale.

Reborn!Tez - In this verse, he's a reincarnated god. Though he doesn't remember anything about being a god. He has some of the same traits as he did then. Like he prefers night to day. His temper's not as bad as it was when he was a god. But as of now he has no memories of being a god. That will most likely change as the verse goes on. [this verse is mostly played out at mythos_muses]
5th-Oct-2009 09:45 pm - Contact Post
If you want to contact the mun for rp/plot suggestions/or anything else related to the muse comment here and we'll talk.
5th-Oct-2009 09:45 pm - OOC: Other Muses
My other muses can be found on this post. Feel free to add any of them. The post will updated as I create other muse journals.
5th-Oct-2009 09:43 pm - OOC: General Character Info
This post is basically just want I'm willing to do with this character. Ships and what not. If you would like to invite me to an rpg you can do that here as well.

Character: Tezcatlipoca
Timeline: General Mythology Canon and S3 Buffy (see verses)
Will Ship With: Anyone. He's not picky.
Won't Ship With: N/A
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